When it comes to thinking about ecology, we think about buying ecological furniture. Of 100% natural materials and with a manufacture that respects the environment. One more gesture to help our planet.

The term “green furniture” may seem abstract. However, the result is very concrete. Simply put, eco-friendly furniture is furniture in which the ecological footprint is the lowest possible. Ecological furniture is composed of natural materials and manufactured in conditions that are more than respectful to the environment. In fact, in most cases they are handcrafted.

Eco-friendly furniture is made with natural, organic or recycled materials. The woods used are generally FSC or PEFF “eco certified”. In addition, it is guaranteed that they do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC). The coatings used are generally cotton, wool, linen, jute, sisal, hemp, silk, latex but, of course, 100% natural and / or organic. The colors are made with vegetable dyes. There are a wide variety of materials used. Some of the most prominent are those made of recycled cardboard, the armchairs upholstered in bean sprout foam, for example.

Of course, it is not only about equipping ourselves with ecological furniture, but we must also treat it in an ecological way.

For this reason, it is important to use ecological waxes, which do not contain phenol, nitrobenzene or petroleum distillates, as well as a neutral wax such as beeswax or linseed oil, for example. Also, when cleaning them, use water and natural soap.


Today there are thousands of alternatives, especially through the Internet, with real preciousness to equip our house and make it beautiful, but we know little or nothing about them. A piece of furniture, who says furniture says any decorative element that we need to acquire, in order to make a good choice we should, as consumers, know its life cycle in order to decide how sustainable it is.

Any furniture or designed object must favor the circular economy.


What do we understand by circular economy?

The circular economy is an economic model that seeks to make more efficient use of resources, avoiding reducing waste as much as possible and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Products, from their conception, must have several lives. In this way we reduce carbon emissions and the accumulation of waste, while creating a better world by generating new jobs and local economic growth.


RAW MATERIALS: Where do the materials with which it is made come from?

We start from the basis that healthy furniture for people and therefore for the planet is made entirely of natural materials, be they of animal, plant or mineral origin and what processes have been carried out to obtain them.

We must also take into account the regeneration of these raw materials. In the case of wood, we always rely on wood with FSC or PEFC type seals that guarantee that they come from sustainably managed forests. As for the origin, it must be local or as close as possible.

But in a piece of furniture, not only the wood is important; has a finish that is usually a varnish.

The varnish prevents the wood from “breathing” and in addition to the possible toxins it may contain, from the perspective of bio-construction, we always prefer waxes and natural oils, as they are open-pored.


I include this section because if we decide to surround ourselves with functional pieces, well thought out and that allow multiple uses, we will have fewer objects and we apply the principle of reduction. For depending on which pieces this is possible or not. An ecodesign good also implies, in addition to functionality:

+ Durability: Simple and economical maintenance that prolongs the useful life.

+ Reduce the amount of raw material used.

+ Design for repair, instead of planned obsolescence.

+ Easy disassembly for recycling

+ Design for zero residue.


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