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The Passivhaus certificate will be very prominent in the coming years thanks to the numerous advantages of passive houses.

What is a passive house?
A passive house is a house with a constructive design that seeks to reduce to the maximum the energy needed for its air conditioning by maintaining a constant and comfortable environment and temperature throughout the year by optimising the insulation of the house.

How to obtain the energy certificate?
The energy certificate can be obtained at the Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt and is given by a certificate manager who evaluates the expertise of each candidate on four requirements :
– Demand for primary energy
– Energy demand in heating and cooling
– Air tightness
– Thermal transmittance

How much does a passive house cost?

It has an estimated extra cost of 5% compared to a conventional one. The increase is determined by the chosen finishes, design or location.

How much can you save long-term savings with this new construction standard?

It will depend on three factors :
– Revaluation of the property
– Medium-term depreciation for energy savings
– Operating expenses

Is there a Passivhaus certificate for rehabilitation?
Yes, its equivalent is the EnerPHit certification issued as well by the Passivhaus Institut. The objective of this type of rehabilitation is to achieve the greatest possible reduction in energy demand.