Fully renewable

Solar and green energy

Eco-responsible furniture


Ecology in interior design

Tailor-made financing

Passive House Le MER

174,67  m2
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms

Passive House IBIZA

263 m2
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms

Passive House Maresme

325 m2
5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms

We build durable wooden houses. Wood is a very resistant material.

We build your house in only 5 months


Eco-responsible Wooden Houses

CasaMaderaEco is a leader in the sector of prefabricated houses with a wooden structure. Advocating for energy efficient houses, we are experts in passive houses. Indeed, we are known for always providing a high-quality service by satisfying the specific needs and tastes of each customer. We have been working for more than a decade to understand the needs of our client and our planet, focusing on the importance of making eco-responsible constructions for a responsible future.

We specialise in the construction of passive houses that can be fully personalised by you.

We offer a large range of models which can be adapted to your style. More than being energy efficient, our houses are known for their elegance and clean designs. Our projects have perfect designs for all types of land, plot dimensions and personal styles: sloping roofs, materials with polished or more natural finishes, double height spaces, design bathrooms and design kitchens. You are the one designing your future home.

Passive houses

A pre-fabricated passive house with a wooden structure is the best option to get a high quality house in less than 5 months. In addition, it has a number of advantages that could hardly be provided by other type of housing. First of all, they are completely customisable. The design can be fully adapted to your liking as only the structure is pre-fabricated. We are here to accompany you in your project and design choices. Secondly, pre-fabricated passive houses can be built on any type of plot, provided that the study of the land is favorable for construction. Passive house can be built in a urban or rural environment.

You are the architect of your home. We offer you the possibility to participate in the designing of your house. We are here to implement your design ideas and choices in your future home.

We have a large team of professionals consisting of architects, technicians, builders, interior designers, landscapers, engineers… We are always available and happy to provide our advice and help to design your ideal home.

We provide a full price study for your passive wooden-framed house. You will know from the beginning the final price that you will pay as well as the deadlines to complete your project. There will be no unforeseen costs or changes of any kind. The figures will remain the same from beginning to end.